Why have one career when you can have a dozen? I am passionate about everything and always keen to "give it a go". 

Like many youngsters I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished school. I drifted into my first career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist, specialising in blood transfusion. It was here that I learned an incredible work ethic, teamwork and attention to detail.

After my marriage and changing cities twice due to my (first) husband's career growth, I spent time in a Veterinary Laboratory doing biochemistry and thereafter working in a Textile dyeing laboratory until both my children were born. I had no specific career path. I saw an ad, applied, was hired and loved the experiences.

Working as the office administrator for a local political party, I found I had an affinity for the elderly. Up to 20 Senior Citizens would come to the office each day to stuff 1000s of envelopes with campaign notices (no email in those days). While we worked, we enjoyed a cuppa, a slice of cake and a good natter.

When the children were little I made a really good decision. I studied bookkeeping by correspondence for the sole reason that I thought it would be easier to get a part time job as a bookkeeper than as a lab technician. Of course it was a new challenge and I loved it. I was also very good at it.

Bookkeeping illustration

For the next 15 years I worked in various accounting positions in an insurance company and a Construction Project Management business. I was the Financial Director of our family Industrial Automation and Software Development businessfor 10 years. I also worked as the Bursar at my son's boarding school for a year.

Around the mid 80s I started using Turbocash accounting software, moved onto Pastel and eventually owned a Pastel Accounting and Payroll Training Centre towards the end of of the 20th century. I was an early adopter of desktop computers and eagerly delved into any new software I came across. 

I quickly found out that the majority of my clients who came for Pastel Training had come because their businesses had been defrauded by their bookkeepers. They needed to take control of their business finances. 

2001 - 2002 were my watershed years. I burnt out. My un-diagnosed ADHD had led me to become an unstable workaholic, a codependent wife and mother and the world's greatest people pleaser. They were not my proudest years. I walked away from a 25 year marriage and my 2 semi-adult sons leaving them angry and bewildered. I did the Shirley Valentine thing - I packed a backpack and traveled around Europe for 4 months, hooked up again with the first love of my life (very bad mistake!!)  and then moved to Cape Town.

It was time for a new career. I had always liked looking at show houses and my obvious solution was to become a Real Estate Agent. Studying came easily to me and I duly got my certificate and set myself up as a Principal Agent. But I did not like cold calling and didn't really know what I was doing. Luckily I saw an ad for a Financial Manager for a large property management company. I had no idea what was involved but I got the job. For the next 3 years I managed the accounts department where we had more than 500 Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Sectional Title buildings under mangement. 

I had a wonderful team and learned loads of new skills. However, it was the only industry I did not enjoy.

Tour with elderly guestsThe Western Cape is beautiful and there are so many places to visit. I loved to drive and I enjoyed looking after the elderly and giving them a good time. It was time to train as a Tourist Guide. Four months later I qualified and had my licence. I bought a bright green VW Microbus. Once again, I had the theory and the enthusiasm but I hated charging my clients because I was having a great time too. The bureacracy involved in having your tourist business was frightening. 

2005, age 50, and my family was despairing of me ever getting a proper job and behaving like a grown up. I hit rock bottom. I eventually went to a Career Counselling  Psychologist for help. Loads of tests later, she told me that I was extremely bright, I could do anything I wanted as long as it was not more than 3 - 6 months maximum. She also sent me to a psychiatrist to get medication to help with my depression. 

It was time to put a toe in the water to test the dating options. Online dating had just become available. This is where I met Dave Pughe-Parry, an ADHD Coach. For the first time in my life, I had found a kindred spirit who "got me". My psychiatrist diagnosed me as having ADHD and my life started to make sense.

ADHD Training by Dave Pughe-Parry

Not only did I do the ADHD Coaching, I trained as an ADHD Coach. Dave, has coached and trained thousands of teachers, families, medical professionals either privately,  in groups or via Conferences, Talks and Workshops which I organised all over South Africa. I organised and attended every event. 

This is where I learnt about Event Management, Marketing, and Sales. 

I also taught myself to do social media, newsletters, and design and create websites.

River Rafting

The skills proved invaluable when, in December 2015, I found myself in Broederstroom nursing my sister through her last days. She had been managing a river rafting and abseiling adventure company. Sadly she passed away 3 days before Christmas. It was high season, she had 2 large dogs and a house that needed to be sorted out. I impulsively decided to stay and take over the management of the business for the next 3 years. I drove a large truck and trailer filled with rafts to the launch site. I "mothered" the river guides, teaching them customer relations skills, created the website and social media channels. My financial experienced enabled me to manage the accounts. I met clients from all over the world and organised corporate events.

When we moved back to Johannesburg I attended networking events, did marketing online and created websites for a number of clients.

2019 to 2023, it was back to Accounting. I worked as the bookkeeper for a large local security company which employed 110 people and had 5 operating divisions. Having used Pastel Accounting for many years, I chose to use Sage Accounting (online) to set up the company accounts.  The company had grown very rapidly and I had some health issues. 

With all of these skills and experiences, I am focussing on 2 areas:

  • I assist small businesses move from solopreneur to the next phase where they employ staff. I help set up suitable accounting systems, and consult and train staff as required.
  • Help those with ADHD manage their finances either in their personal relationships or in their businesses. 

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