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Colin Pollock
2019-07-31, 18:37
Good afternoon Pat.

Thank you for setting up the web site . It looks great and I am very happy.

Testimonial via e-mail.
Gaynor Gillespie
2019-07-31, 18:33
Safe Surfaces (Pty) Ltd

Thanks Pat for all your social media and marketing advice leading up to the GTS Show. We would never be able to do it without all the support we get from you.

Testimonial via WhatsApp.
Rosemary Adogo
2019-07-31, 18:30
Pat, A million thanks, this is exactly the expertise help I needed from you.

This is great and valuable to what I needed. Thank you very much most appreciated

A testimonial sent via email after I re-worked and edited an article for Rosemary.
Theresa Ackerman
2019-07-31, 18:28
I just love my new website. Thank you. Testimonial sent via WhatsApp

Tim Peel
2018-12-29, 11:15
Hi Pat,

I have read and tested the new website and it looks fantastic.

I have sent 2 small changes via WhatsApp. I like how we can scroll through.

Regards Tim
2018-11-30, 11:31
Morning Pat

This SEO report you have done for our company is excellent!

You have delivered more important feedback in one session than our previous consultants would have done in several months.

I will be presenting it to our EXCO next week.
2018-09-04, 10:17
A great review from my time at Paddle Power.

Pat you are an amazing host. I'd like to extend my gratitude to Frans and Blessed ( Our guides) who kept us safe and relaxed throughout the whole journey. We laughed so hard. I loved the overall service.
Riaan van Wyk
2018-09-04, 10:11
Hosted an Amazing Race training event with Paddle Power as one of our stops. 250 people in a week, 16 teams a day! Pat and her team was really great and helped to make our event a success!! Awesome team helping people to have fun!
2018-09-04, 09:42
Comments by Mitchell High whose website I created and maintain for them.

"Jean Cronje Well done Pat! You are our techno wizzkid for sure. Congratulations on creating a wonderful website!!

Shirley Crampton Thank you. You are awesome

Leigh Phillips Watt Great....it looks BRILLIANT !! Thanks again

Elizabeth How Well done the website looks great.

Wilma Legge That's so great. I wish I had your IT expertise
2018-09-04, 09:40
I love these guys, they helped me out of a dark hole without even setting eyes on me. They accepted me and nurtured me in ways that nobody else ever had. In fact, I'm not even sure they knew what they were doing was so important to me! Thanks so much Pat and Dave of Living ADDventure ADHD Training and Support
2018-08-29, 09:48
Hi Pat

Thanks so much for all your help today sorting out my e-mail. I really appreciate how much time you took search for "missing" mails.
2018-08-13, 10:08
Thanks so much for allaying my fears about signing up for the online course and responding to my Whatsapps at night. I read your ADHD journey and your smiley face in your profile pic gives me a lot of encouragement.
2018-06-22, 09:51
Thanks so much for helping me clear out our mailboxes on the server and getting me sorted with our GMail and Outlook accounts. I was so scared to delete mails off the server in case I didn't have them backed up.
2018-06-05, 21:03
Pat and Dave did our Gas Installers website.

We are so happy with it. Since it went live we have had a lot more responses via email and calls from people who Googled and found our number via the website.

Pat is very easy to deal with and helpful and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Her prices are good and her knowledge and ability are excellent. I would highly recommend her.
Debbie Grewar
2017-05-19, 10:45
Hi Pat and Dave

Just want to let you know how well my son is doing and that I will be forever grateful to both of you for all you did in helping us as a family manage our ADHD.
2016-10-04, 09:22
Thanks so much for the web strategy and marketing session. Just to let you know I have so far drawn up a contract for my photographic clients to sign and I have also created a Pinterest Account.
It is so nice having all the notes that I can refer to when I am ready to take the next step.
Les Galloway
2016-10-04, 09:17
Oh my word what an awesome time we had this morning!!! I cannot thank you enough for sharing all your knowledge with us regarding Lauren's business. I know Lauren was blown away by it all and no doubt it has given her a lot to think about and will be putting certain plans into action!
Rod Bulman
2015-08-08, 09:41
Pat Pughe-Parry has been giving us the benefit of her wisdom as we think through what want we want from our 'new' website.

This is just a note to the universe that they are awesome! Pat's diagram and Dave's supplementary questionnaire helped me get where I needed to be in my head better than all the books and lectures I have ever had.
2015-03-08, 09:23
Thank you for helping me restore the My Documents folder on my laptop. I thought I had deleted everything permanently. you saved my life .... well as good as.
2014-08-19, 09:34
Pat, you have come such a long way in your knowledge of digital systems and your teaching of them. What you are doing is wonderful. A few different mornings spent with you have been incredibly productive and made me much more confident. I look forward to another session.
2014-03-19, 09:34
Without Pat's guidance and patience, I would never ever have got my website working. Through her teaching, I can now keep my site up to date and know that if I have any problems I can sort them out myself.