Pat Pughe-Parry

A family trauma when I was 8 years old stopped my mental development. It took me until my mid 40's to start thinking about who I am?

Now on the rapid downhill slide to 70, I know who I am at my core and what my principles are - to be authentic and ethical. 

 I lived the first 40 years of my life in fear and compliance. The 2nd youngest of 7 children with an incredibly bright mother who was never able to reach her potential and a father who was traumatised in World War 2 and was unable to provide for his family.

I loathe injustice, racism, intolerance and cruelty. At heart I am an activist and I am devoting this next phase of my life to the elderly for who I have a special affinity.

From being too shy at the age of 18 to walk into a shop and ask to buy anything, I am now very voluble and I am learning to stop apologising for who I am. 

I was married for 25 years first time around and have 2 married adult sons and several grandchildren. Seventeen years ago I met Dave on an internet dating site and married a year later. 

Diagnosed with ADHD at 51 was a major turning point. It has been, and continues to be an exciting but often difficult journey. 

For me ADHD is not about the physical symptoms but all about how the consequences of ADHD affect the ADDer and their loved ones. 

35 years in business and financial management across diverse industries has fueled my desire to help those struggling to manage their own businesses, particularly start ups which need financial and administration systems, and those businesses who are moving from solopreneur to having employees.

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Canva 50 Designs

Not a paid ad!

I am not a graphic designer but I really enjoy using CanvaCanva to create designs for some of my posts. 

A couple of years ago a I did the marketing for a fete at the Senior Citizens Home where I live and had great fun creating daily ads for the different stalls.

It is easy to use and I have learned through trial and error.

This morning I logged on to Canva and received the following award. 😃


30 Day Blogging Challenge

Mid 2015, I was blogging daily about a variety of topics. On Facebook I read about a 30 Day Blogging Challenge run by Sarah and Kevin Arrow a UK couple who run online businesses. 

I love a challenge and every day for the next 30 days I received an e-mail with blogging tips and advice that I had to incorporate into a post of my choice. My theme for the blogging challenge was "Take Your Business Digital".

I took about 32 days to earn my trophy but it was real sense of accomplishment especially for someone like myself who has ADHD and is easily bored.




POPIA Act Online Course

The South African Constitution adopted in May 1996 states that everyone has the right to privacy. This includes having their information protected online as well as offline.

As the bookkeeper for a South African company where I had access to client information, I was required to complete a course on the POPIA Act. I did this online course with Peter Carruthers in June 2021. 

POPIcertificate Pat

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