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Pat Pughe-Parry Profile PicWisdom increases in proportion to the mistakes we make and learn from.

Life is simple but hard - Be resilient

Be Authentic * Be Ethical * Laugh * Love

Create Customers not Sales

No Whining!

The above pretty much describes my philosophy in life.

In keeping with my principles of being authentic and ethical, I believe it is necessary to share the good and bad history of Pat Pughe-Parry. My ADHD diagnosis played a signifcant role in who I am today and this is why I share it in the belief that it is possible to grow emotionally and intellectually despite the hand we have been dealt.

I was 51, more than a decade ago, when I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It was an enormous relief to understand my roller coaster life, professionally and personally. There was always something new to learn, places to go and challenges to conquer.

Yes .... and things to screw up.

The upside of these years was that I acquired numerous skills and enjoyed diverse careers and continue to do so.

It is this diversity that enables me to connect and communicate with people at all levels across a wide range of industries which is reflected in my social media profiles and success in creating customers as opposed to sales.

The downside is that because of my involuntary ADHD distraction, I acted impulsively and didn’t learn many of the essential life skills in my early years which would have enabled me to make better decisions. I am not making excuses.

I take full responsibility for my life and I have spent a great deal of time being coached and learning these missing skills. I have also done the Living ADDventure Coaches Training Course which enables me to mentor others.

Being able to unravel my chaotic past, understand and forgive my numerous failures and learning to love who I am is an ongoing process and I am proud to say I now live my life based on my 2 core principles. Be authentic and ethical in what I say and do.

What hasn’t changed throughout the years is my passion for helping others become their best selves, whether through growing their businesses, learning new skills or improving personal relationships.

I try to achieve this by sharing my skills and knowledge through mentoring, leading by example, providing appropriate training for individuals and small businesses.

What I Offer:

  • Assisting startups and small businesses with their marketing
  • Understanding the importance of WHY they have a website and WHY it needs to be actively maintained.
  • Social Media strategy
  • Website hosting, design and management and training for those who want to manage their own

I live in Gauteng, South Africa, and I am a wife to Dave, mother and gran, a tad bossy, but with a wicked sense of humour and an ability to laugh at myself and have fun.

Retirement is not a concept I understand. Every day is a new opportunity to learn, do and problem solve. I am a voracious reader, addicted to Sudoku and Social Media. Up until a couple of years ago I was a profilic blogger and I hope to resume my writing this year. I also have 3 novels that are winding their way out of my head into my computer ..... very slowly.

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