Video Conference GraphicManaging your business website yourself is hard especially if technology is not your strong point, you are not a writer, and you don't have the time ... and you can't afford to pay someone to maintain it for you.

These are all valid reasons.

For a website to work, you need to keep it fresh and updated with new content at least once week. Google, and other search engines send “crawlers” to check what is happening on your website every few days. If they find something new, your site climbs the rankings in your industry.

If it is the same old, same old day after day your site sinks to the bottom.

Think of it as joining an in-person networking group and showing up week after week and sharing some important industry knowledge. People look forward to seeing you each week. When you disappear from the group for a few weeks, people move on without a backward glance.

You know you need to be online if you are job-hunting or have a business. Ideally you would like to meet your prospective clients in person but it is not realistic. Your target market could be your home town or suburb, your province, your country or even the whole world.

With the cost of airfares, accommodation and fuel, unless you have a magic carpet, you probably aren’t going to physically reach many of them.

This is why you need LinkedIn. You don’t need the Professional paid version but you do need a professional LinkedIn profile.

You need to portray yourself as an expert in your field. Once you have your profile devote 15 - 30 minutes a day connecting with people you know even if they are not in the same industry. Join groups - there are groups for every industry.

Business and job hunting is about “word of mouth” referrals and your “connections” often know someone who knows someone who can help you.

But … it is a 2 way street. Everyone is looking for that perfect job or client. Share their content, send them a message of encouragement or give them a positive review.

Do not give up your website domain. Initially a simple 1 page site with your company logo, a paragraph about who you are, your contact details, an enquiry form and a professional email address are all you need.

Complete this form if you would like help to create a professional LinkedIn profile and get you going. 

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Canva 50 Designs

Not a paid ad!

I am not a graphic designer but I really enjoy using CanvaCanva to create designs for some of my posts. 

A couple of years ago a I did the marketing for a fete at the Senior Citizens Home where I live and had great fun creating daily ads for the different stalls.

It is easy to use and I have learned through trial and error.

This morning I logged on to Canva and received the following award. 😃


30 Day Blogging Challenge

Mid 2015, I was blogging daily about a variety of topics. On Facebook I read about a 30 Day Blogging Challenge run by Sarah and Kevin Arrow a UK couple who run online businesses. 

I love a challenge and every day for the next 30 days I received an e-mail with blogging tips and advice that I had to incorporate into a post of my choice. My theme for the blogging challenge was "Take Your Business Digital".

I took about 32 days to earn my trophy but it was real sense of accomplishment especially for someone like myself who has ADHD and is easily bored.




POPIA Act Online Course

The South African Constitution adopted in May 1996 states that everyone has the right to privacy. This includes having their information protected online as well as offline.

As the bookkeeper for a South African company where I had access to client information, I was required to complete a course on the POPIA Act. I did this online course with Peter Carruthers in June 2021. 

POPIcertificate Pat

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