Recovering from Failure as an Entrepreneur

Was 2018 the year your business failed or you became unemployed?

The realities of State Capture, Corporate Corruption, unemployment, crime and world politics have left many of us shell-shocked and on the brink of financial disaster. Trying to stay positive saps our strength and the will to carry on.

For most of us we have no choice. We have to dust ourselves off, dig deep and find the courage and resilience to keep going.

In 3 decades of being self-employed, 2018 was the worst I have known. My emotional and financial resources were already strained and several times I felt life just wasn’t worth the effort. I broke!

Thanks to family and a couple of good friends I managed to cling on and pick myself up.

I am unbelievably proud of my son, Marc Ashton, who started 2 businesses in 2018 which almost took him to the brink. Yet, he never gives up and both businesses are starting to flourish. He gets up every day (in fact he seldom sleeps) and tries again.

As with all entrepreneurs he has learned some harsh lessons which he shares with you in his E-book, The 2018 Failure Recovery Guide.

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