What are my website options?

This is a question I see over and over again on Social Media. It is often followed by, "can I build my own website?" Yes, of course you can. If you have the time and money and the dedication you can learn to do pretty much anything you want to do.

As a web developer with more than 10 years experience, I had a few hours formal training and then it was hundreds of hours learning, making mistakes, searching Google for solutions, attending training courses, learning to code, understanding SEO and constantly keeping up with the rapidly changing technology.

For clients wanting a personal website, blog or business website the options can be overwhelming.

There are 3 options to consider:

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Do you have a WordPress or Joomla Website?

If you have a WordPress or Joomla website or other Content Management System (CMS), it is quite likely that your site is hosted on a server which uses PHP. No, don’t let your eyes glaze over and close this page, I am not going to give you a computer coding lesson. You can learn about PHP here if you are so inclined.

Having your own website is wonderful, and if you are a business it is essential. However, far too often the website management is left to the web developer and you assume everything is kept up to date and secure.

Until something breaks and it is panic stations.

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Who reads your marketing e-mails?

Do you send regular e-mail newsletters? If you do, do you know how many people actually receive them, open them, read them and click on the links?

How many people who subscribe to your e-mail lists do so just to get the freebie you are offering as an enticement? Yes, I am guilty of this. Why pay for something if you can get it free?

One of the Social Media Companies whose e-mails I do open, as their content is excellent, is Social Media Examiner. They run a huge conference Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and have/had an e-mail marketing database of 450 000!! They were recently faced with the option of having their account blocked or having to delete 150 000 accounts because the mails were not being delivered. You can watch their video where they discuss this.

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Is your Business Website working for you?

Imagine having a bakery where you spend a fortune on the equipment, rental of premises, staff and all the ingredients necessary to create your first batch of tasty eats. You open your business with great fanfare and people rush to see what you have to offer. The next day you decide not to bake new goodies and just sell the left-overs. You don't bother to clean up your premises and you don't promote yourself. Clients don't come back.

Ridiculous you say? Who would do that? 

Sadly this is what so often happens when people purchase a website for their business.

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