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free website mythThere is no such thing as FREE!

Many companies offer free websites, and yes it is true. You can register a free domain name for a small annual fee or with a website building business, get a free template and some drag and drop tools to create your basic site. But without the right features your site will not be found on Google or other Search Engines.

Your website is your virtual office.There are more than 5 billion websites that you are competing against.

How is your audience going to find you?

Every page of your website needs to have a GOAL.

You need to invest time and money to:

  • Define your brand, your audience, their buying habits, how they consume online content i.e. do they read, watch videos or do they prefer to listen to audio?
  • Research and choose the right domain name and keywords. Free websites usually mean limited functionality and you don't have your own domain name (unless you pay for it).
  • Select the right template/theme and components/plugins and learn how to integrate them all together so the site doesn't crash. To get you hooked into a contract, you get the free version of the package but as soon as you need the best features, you need to pay for them on an annual basis or sometimes more frequently.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining a uniform look to your site and not change fonts and colours which result in a messy site.
  • Understand how to promote your website
  • Learn how to keep your site secure from hackers
  • Constantly create and find images, multi-media and great content that will keep your visitors returning to your site
  • To analyse who visits, how long they stay and where they come from.
  • Have social sharing buttons so that visitors can share your content.
  • Have Follow buttons to all your Social Media outlets
  • Have a comprehensive enquiry form to capture leads for your products and services.
  • Ensure you have all the correct legal documentation
  • SEO management
  • +++

This is where I can help you. I help you to ask the right questions of your Web Designer and/or Social Media Manager before you sign a contract.


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