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Is there life after Facebook?On Monday evening I was devastated. Facebook had “temporarily” blocked my account to “protect” me from a suspected phishing attempt. I had to change my password, and  go through all the activity on my account and mark those I had not done. Yip. They were all mine. Nothing suspicious there. My password is super strong, and my account had certainly not been hacked.

But, I could not get back into my profile. It turns out that when you share your business information in too many groups you get sent to jail for a few days. For non-business folk this may be relief but with Facebook making it increasingly difficult to get organic growth on your Business Pages, sharing in groups is widely used.

Facebook prefers you to pay to advertise your business.

In 2014 my account was blocked on my birthday (I never found out why) and I created a new profile. My original profile was unblocked a few days later after I ranted but I didn’t delete the original account. I just left it dormant and used the new one.

On Tuesday morning as I couldn’t possibly survive without Facebook, I revived my old profile. Whew! The withdrawal symptoms subsided. I got busy again liking, sharing, commenting, and I even created a new Facebook Group,  Your Website Partners In Action, which is a group for my Digital Services Provider Directory.

I have met the most wonderful friends and family on Facebook many of whom I haven’t and will probably never meet face to face. Facebook however, only shows you approximately 3% of your friends/followers’ posts and chooses what you will see. What sort of society have we become that we start begging people to comment “hi” on our profiles to try and trick Facebook into showing us what we want to see? It doesn’t work.

Instead, we are bombarded with paid content and clickbait videos and as a business owner, unless you do paid advertising, your content is seldom shared organically as it is simply not shown to your target audience.

It has been easy to hide behind my computer or phone and hit like, share or do a quick comment. But increasingly I have felt empty and disconnected.

For the past few months, I have been making an effort to connect with people on a more meaningful and human level. I socialise, call or Whatsapp more, send personal e-mails and I have joined business networking meetups where we get to know each other as humans trying to survive in a tough business world.

As of 31 October I planned to delete both my Facebook profiles and associated groups and business pages. But, my business is marketing, both online and offline and I am just too scared to take this step. 

So I am being a coward and staying for now.

What would you do?

If you are a digital service provider who is on Facebook and would like to join my Digital Services Provider group, I would really appreciate it.


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