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Your Website Partner Digital DirectoryHow do you find a web designer that is right for your business? Or a Social Media Manager? Or someone to edit your writing, create a video or podcast, write a technical article for your website, or do some graphic design work?

Unlike buying a physical product where you can see what you are purchasing, the digital world is far more complex. Geeks and marketing folk speak a different language. They talk about Wordpress, Joomla, SEO, landing pages, funnels, http, and a million other confusing terms.

And, of course, everyone is an expert in their chosen field or ..... all aspects of the digital world.

The costs for these services vary widely.

From a R500 website to one costing millions. A Social Media Manager who will manage all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn...... for R200 per month to someone who charges R2000 for a single post.

So how do you choose the right company to to work with? Because if you don't, you may end up with no site at all. Before signing a contract, I recommend you read these 2 articles about Why Website Projects Stall and The Myth of The Free Website.

After having seen people on Facebook asking for recommendations for providers of the above services, I decided to create a directory at Your Website Partner that is easily searchable in many fields to help the client find a list of providers in one place without having to scroll through reams of Facebook names.

On the flip side, as someone who provides these services how do you, as a provider, get found among the clutter? Providers frequently need to collaborate with other providers to provide turnkey solutions for clients. By having a directory with all providers in one place saves loads of time and you can build relationships.

Service Providers can advertise in as many categories as they wish and clients contact them directly from their listings. Visit Your Website Partner to sign up.

If you are a client and wanting to know the right questions to ask of your website designer or social media manager, you may like to attend one of our Optimise Your Online Presence Workshops. We offer these workshops as small groups at a venue in Randburg or Sandton, your company premises or privately.

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