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Imagine having a bakery where you spend a fortune on the equipment, rental of premises, staff and all the ingredients necessary to create your first batch of tasty eats. You open your business with great fanfare and people rush to see what you have to offer. The next day you decide not to bake new goodies and just sell the left-overs. You don't bother to clean up your premises and you don't promote yourself. Clients don't come back.

Ridiculous you say? Who would do that? 

Sadly this is what so often happens when people purchase a website for their business.

A website is a big investment but it is the core of your business especially if you don't have a bricks and mortar store. There is a debate about whether businesses should have a website or stick to social media. Here are my thoughts on this topic.

In order for you to get a return on your website investment, you need to be actively involved  - from finding the right person to do your website, building a good working relationship, having ongoing converstations about the site, providing initial content and once it is live, ensuring new content is uploaded, the site is kept secure and backed up and given a facelift every year or two.

You have to convey to your website developer your thoughts and ideas of what you want your site to look like in terms of brand, colours, fonts, content etc. Your developer is not a mind reader and probably knows very little about your industry. Read Why Website Projects Stall.

Otherwise it will be like the bakery example. People won't visit your site because there is nothing new. Not even Google will be bothered as Google likes new content and when Google doesn't index your site, you fall to page 955 on Google Search.

The world of website developers and designers is a very crowded space and everyone is clamouring for your business. Websites are intangible. It is not a physical product you can touch and feel. Before you even think about signing a contract with a web developer you need to do some homework.

Think about how you search the internet when you are looking for a product or service.

  • If you are looking for a photographer, for sure you will want to view galleries of beautiful photos.
  • If you are planning a trip you need to see loads information and pictures about where you will be travelling to.
  • However, if you are looking for a plumber in your area, you are not interested in photos, you want contact details, and testimonials and someone who can fix that blocked toilet NOW! 

What product or service do you have? What will your clients be looking for when they search for your product or service?

I have been doing websites for the past 9 years and I have also worked in many roles in very diverse businesses. I like to build relationships with my clients and learn as much about them as I can. This is why I have created a FREE WEBSITE QUESTIONNAIRE which is downloadable as a Word Document and easy to complete.

This is helpful for me and my client as it starts the conversation about what the client needs. 

There are essential components that every website needs and my Business Starter Website which costs R2400 includes the following:

  • Domain name registration ( only) 
  • 2 emails addresses 
  • Website hosting for 12 months 
  • Website which includes the following: 
    • Your website will be https:// not https:// - this is important even if you don’t understand it. 
    • Basic theme with your brand colours 
    • Logo if you have one or your site name 
    • An About page – client provides image and basic information 
    • Product / Services Page with 1 gallery or slide show
    • Legal documents – copyright, privacy policy, anti-spam etc 
    • A detailed and relevant enquiry form so you can start building your client base 
    • Website backups, security and updates 
    • Social sharing and follow buttons 
    • Site submitted to Google for SEO (help you get found)

Additional content and features which include the following are quoted separately:

  • Galleries, slideshows, audio, video etc
  • Additional content
  • Directories
  • Forums
  • Online store
  • Online Training courses
  • etc ....

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