Does Your Web Manager Keep Your Site Updated?

No, I don't mean adding new articles or videos etc. I mean, does your web designer / web host regularly check your site to ensure that all the themes, templates, components, plugins, modules etc are updated on a regular basis? These are the bits on the backend of your website that you would not normally see as your website host seldom gives you access to this level in case you inadvertently break the site.

This is what you are paying your website developer / web host for.

When you purchase a website you need to budget for a website refresh, and the annual fees to update the website to the latest versions of templates and plugins etc which make your site look great and be kept safe. See The Myth of A Free Website. 

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Managing your Online Presence as a Small Business Owner

OnlinePresenceMarketing in the 21st century is all about building relationships with your customers and prospective customers.

We are an instant gratification society. If we like something we want it now.

If we are unhappy about something we have no qualms in telling the world, via Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere that your product or service stinks. It may or may not be valid but often by the time we get to see the damning comment it could have been seen by millions of people around the world.

We are more prone to complaining than praising.

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A directory for digital service providers

Your Website Partner Digital DirectoryHow do you find a web designer that is right for your business? Or a Social Media Manager? Or someone to edit your writing, create a video or podcast, write a technical article for your website, or do some graphic design work?

Unlike buying a physical product where you can see what you are purchasing, the digital world is far more complex. Geeks and marketing folk speak a different language. They talk about Wordpress, Joomla, SEO, landing pages, funnels, http, and a million other confusing terms.

And, of course, everyone is an expert in their chosen field or ..... all aspects of the digital world.

The costs for these services vary widely.

From a R500 website to one costing millions. A Social Media Manager who will manage all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn...... for R200 per month to someone who charges R2000 for a single post.

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Is there life after Facebook?

Is there life after Facebook?On Monday evening I was devastated. Facebook had “temporarily” blocked my account to “protect” me from a suspected phishing attempt. I had to change my password, and  go through all the activity on my account and mark those I had not done. Yip. They were all mine. Nothing suspicious there. My password is super strong, and my account had certainly not been hacked.

But, I could not get back into my profile. It turns out that when you share your business information in too many groups you get sent to jail for a few days. For non-business folk this may be relief but with Facebook making it increasingly difficult to get organic growth on your Business Pages, sharing in groups is widely used.

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