Is there life after Facebook?

Is there life after Facebook?On Monday evening I was devastated. Facebook had “temporarily” blocked my account to “protect” me from a suspected phishing attempt. I had to change my password, and  go through all the activity on my account and mark those I had not done. Yip. They were all mine. Nothing suspicious there. My password is super strong, and my account had certainly not been hacked.

But, I could not get back into my profile. It turns out that when you share your business information in too many groups you get sent to jail for a few days. For non-business folk this may be relief but with Facebook making it increasingly difficult to get organic growth on your Business Pages, sharing in groups is widely used.

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Why Website Projects Stall & What You Can Do About It

Why website projects stallYou have decided to take the plunge and get a website for your business.

Your son’s friend does websites and he won’t charge very much because all you want is a couple of pages with your contact details, a few pictures with a bit of text about your products and services, and some testimonials.

You are quoted a fee, you pay the deposit and he tells you that your website will be ready in a week.

What could possibly go wrong?

After a week, you politely follow up and you are told that he has been very busy but is sending you the draft layout the next day ... which he does.

You are so disappointed. It is nothing like what you had in mind.

As with so many relationships in life, it is all about unmatched expectations.

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The Myth of The FREE Website

free website mythThere is no such thing as FREE!

Many companies offer free websites, and yes it is true. You can register a free domain name for a small annual fee or with a website building business, get a free template and some drag and drop tools to create your basic site. But without the right features your site will not be found on Google or other Search Engines.

Your website is your virtual office.There are more than 5 billion websites that you are competing against.

How is your audience going to find you?

Every page of your website needs to have a GOAL.

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Google Map Testimonial

It is hard to get a better testimonial than one from Google!

I left Paddle Power in May 2018 and still my photos are bringing in business for them as at 21 August. No paid ads required and they are number one on Google. I created their website and did their social media marketing for 2 and 1/2 years. We had no brochures and no other paid advertising.

The stats from the enquiry form I included on the website were interesting:

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