Build professional relationships with clients who are worthy of you

This is the 3rd article in the series about working as a Professional Provider of Services

You can read the 2 previous articles here and here.

Now that you have calculated the hourly rate that you should be charging, you are in a better position to market yourself  to clients who are worthy of hiring you. Don't waste time, energy and money on those who want to abuse your good nature.

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What hourly rate should you charge?

You have decided to leave the corporate world and become a freelancer. You will have the freedom to choose who you work for, what hours you work, and you will earn so much more.Yeah right. If only it was that easy.

Read why Freelancer is a bad term for the work you will be doing as a Skilled Provider of Professional Services.

If you want to survive the self-employment jungle out there, you need to ensure that you charge the correct hourly rate. Frequently when starting out, we take on any work to build our portfolio.

Even though you may be desperate to earn an income, spending your time working for "exposure", trade exchanges or totally unacceptable rates leads to the poverty trap that it is almost impossible to escape. It is a lesson I have learned far too late in life.

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Stop being a freelancer

“We teach people how to treat us” is a popular quote frequently seen on Social Media posts.

As a freelancer, how have you taught your clients to treat you?

Are you respected for your skills, your work ethic, your qualifications, your experience and remunerated appropriately?

Do you have boundaries in place to protect your time?

Or are you at the mercy of demanding, ungrateful and disrespectful clients who do not value what you offer?

Very few freelancers enjoy the freedom that the name indicates. We work long hours and have little free time or resources to enjoy the lifestyle we imagined that would accompany working for ourselves.

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