Life may be lousy but laughter helps

Going through my very disorganised filing system on my computer, looking for a specific image (which I still can't find), I came across this meme. It immediately made me chortle.  Each time I look at it, it sets me off again. The expressions and the caption are classic. (apologies that I can't credit the author as I have no idea who it is.)

No matter the face we present to our friends, family and colleagues, for many of us life is really really tough. Surviving day to day is exhausting and scary. Work is scarce and money more so. As we get older the aches and pains become more pronounced and watching family and friends succumb to illness and mental health issues is devastating

Laughter has always been the glue that has held Dave and I together. We laugh at each other, we laugh at ourselves and everything around us. When the laughter stops I know our relationship is in trouble.

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I Could Have Ranted

gogo and childPhoto by Annie Spratt on UnsplashThere is no greater leveller than being in a queue for a few hours.

On Thursday Dave and I went to the SASSA (South Africa Social Security Agency) offices to register for our pensions. My heart sank and we nearly turned back when we saw this huge queue snaking for what seemed like kilometres made up of predominantly young Moms and their little ones and elderly women.

Dave is battling with back problems and struggles to walk more than a few metres. Fortunately being recognised as seniors we were allowed into the building ahead of the queue. Our government departments have clearly been schooled in respecting seniors as I had the same treatment at Home Affairs a couple of days earlier.

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