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Are you still using GMail, Yahoo or Hotmail as your business e-mail address?

Having a business e-mail address and your own web domain makes you look more professional and serious about your business. 

For the past 9 years I have been creating websites and providing hosting through one of the largest hosting companies, Hetzner. 

I am able to offer businesses a domain name for their business (, 2 associated e-mail addresses and a Welcome page with your contact details for only R275.00 once off payment

I will do the search for the domain name for you, and register it in your name.  Domain names ending in are valid for 12 months and I will renew it for you at a cost of R100.

Your welcome page will have the contact details you ask for.

When you can afford to invest in a website, I am there to hold your hand all the way.  If you build a strong foundation your website can grow with you.

Once you have completed this form you will return to this page so you can do the payment

Please provide the following information: 1. The domain name/s you want me to register. Your first choice may not be available so include other suggestions if you wish. 2. The full contact details you want on your new Home Page 3. The names for your 2 email addresses eg. Joe @ and Sales @
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